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After-hour Lab | Prototype Dish Adventures

The After-hour Lab is a non-profit program that helps culinary professionals and our menu developing team test ideas and collaborate to create exciting dishes. We price the menu only to cover the costs and any surprising profit will contribute to local food banks as our appreciation to the supports from the community.

Bread Lab | Charitable Hunger Relief Program

Indulge in our selection of locally-sourced breads and savour the experience of grilling your own slice. Complement it with assorted house-made spreads, crafted to elevate your enjoyment. 

OneTable Labs | taste_unites_people

Seeing, hearing and speaking are not the only means of connecting and bringing people together - tasting is too! Traditional restaurants give people the opportunity only to accept standardized tastes formulated by a professional in the industry (a chef), but not to express their own tastes. OneTable Labs now makes it possible for everyone to share their culinary creations.

After-hour Lab | Kitsilano

The restaurant closes at 8pm and we open our lab at 8:15pm to anyone who want something new. Customer satisfaction is second to none at Hestia and we thrive to provide the best cuisines. In order to gain feedback on the ideas we are testing and refine the combinations and procedures for the new seasonal menu, we serve "prototype" dishes to food explorers during our after-hour lab sessions before we officially put the items on the menu. Some items are developed by professional chefs around the world to give the menu a fusion touch while some items are inspired by local home cooks from our OneTable Lab program. This is a real food adventure experience as your most unforgettable tastes may hide behind some imperfections. Your voice is heard and we appreciate your participation on helping us build a better menu! 



Agaricus "Mushrooms"

Dish 1

Roast Seasonal Wild Mushrooms, Foie Gras


Dish 2

2 pc Grilled Cremini Sliders, Guanciale, Cheese


Dish 3

King Trumpet Risotto + Butter Crabmeat


Dish 4

"KFC" Korean-style Fried Oyster Mushrooms

$58 per person

Minimum 2 Day Reservation In Advance. Seats Limited.

Bread Lab | Richmond 

Team Hestia finds it truly disheartening that 1 out of 3 food bank beneficiaries is a child. This statistic emphasizes the urgency and importance of our mission to address and alleviate food insecurity among the most vulnerable members of our community. The Bread Lab at Hestia operates as a nonprofit initiative dedicated to supporting local hunger relief programs. All profits generated by the program are committed solely to contributing to vital initiatives like Food Banks BC and United Way BC. 

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.47.27.png

We start by drawing inspiration from master home cooks who create unique and unforgettable cuisines, then we start our new ingredient combinations and mixing there. We invite home cooks to share their secret recipes for signature dishes. We refine the recipes based on commercial standards and guidelines and reproduce them as prototypes for real customers to try in our After-hour Lab sessions. The R&D team will select some dishes and make further improvements based on the customer feedback, which will be incorporated into the new menu of Hestia restaurants as our “OneTable Dish” Item.

How OneTable Labs Work

Application / Invitation + Pre-Labs

  • Master home cooks will be invited to our kitchen, either individually or in small groups. We also welcome anyone who loves cooking and is willing to share their secret recipes. Simply reach out to us through Instagram, WeChat or submit the contact form in About&Beyond page. 

  • Participants will prepare a brief recipe and ingredient list. The kitchen will provide necessary ingredients. 

Kitchen Lab Time

  • Participants will cook their signature dish in our kitchen during the OneTable Lab session, share any story behind the dish, and taste their creation with the team.

Post Lab R&D

  • After the session, the R&D team will collaborate on a restaurant version of the dish. The creator of the dish will be invited to come back and taste.

  • A “OneTable Lab Dish File” will be created and a copy will be sent to the creator. Some dishes may be tested in our After-hour Lab sessions. 

  • Selected refined dish will be promoted on our official menu as “OneTable Dish” and creator will be accredited on our menu and become our “OneTable Lab Acknowledged Member”

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